Holiday rentals of houses and villas in Costa Brava

Terms and conditions


General conditions 

It is highly advised to read these conditions carefully. They describe your rights and obligations with Sunseahouse. Your payment being checked to Sunseahouse will confirm you agree with these conditions.

Type of agreement

Sunseahouse intervenes on the issue of the renting contracts between owners and tenants. The booking and renting contract will always stand for an agreement between owners and tenants. The rights and obligations attached to the contract exist only between these two parts. Sunseahouse acts on behalf of the owners and is not responsible for anything beyond this relationship. Sunseahouse has the right to either turn down guests or cancel bookings at any time.


Payment conditions

The reservation will be confirmed by sending the signed contract and paying for the 25% of the whole reservation cost. The remaining amount must be transferred on the day your booking starts at the latest.

The 25% should be paid within a maximum of five days after sending the contract, otherwise you will lose priority on your booked place.


Deposit conditions

The deposit must be paid through either bank transfer or PayPal before entry date. It will be returned to you within 7 days after the end of your stay at the latest (through bank transfer or PayPal). If there is anything damaged or in bad condition after inspection, the repairing costs will be deduced from the deposit amount which will be returned to the customer.

Renters under 25 will have to pay for a deposit of 150 euros each. The rest of guests will have to pay the deposit agreed on the contract.

For optimal return of the deposit, the tenant will have to provide to Sunseahouse their bank details (account number, IBAN and SWIFT/BIC).


Cleaning and sanctions

Cleaning services are included in the price of the booking. However, it does not exempt yourself from leaving the house in optimal condition. Otherwise, Sunseahouse will have to claim an economic sanction which will be charged from the final deposit amount.

This sanction can be consequence of a bad hygienic state of house and surroundings, leaving trash inside the house, stealing bedsheets and towels, barbecues and dirty fireplaces, gardens and terraces, etc. If the house is not left in good condition, Sunseahouse is authorized to hold back the deposit up to a maximum of 250 euros. You will find the sanctions in detail as follows:


Cost of the sanctions;

Cleaning (up to 250 euros)

Trash (50 euros)

Towels (30 euros)

Bedsheets (50 euros)

Barbecue and fireplace (30 euros)


Cancelation terms

In case of cancellation, 25% of the total amount of the reservation will not be returned. The so-paid amounts that overcome this 25% of the booking will be returned as long as cancellation is carried out eight weeks before entry date; otherwise, it will not be returned. You can inform Sunseahouse about the cancelation through phone call or e-mail. A request for cancellation will have to be applied for written, being this latter date considered as cancellation day.

If cancellation were made by the owner, this should inform Sunseahouse on written paper and give back 100% of the amount paid by the tenant until cancellation date. Sunseahouse is responsible for finding an alternative house for the tenant, in case the new one does not appeal to him/her, all the money paid will be refunded. With Sunseahouse, the tenant has only the right to claim the money paid off by the owners.


Tenant responsabilities

During your stay on the holiday house, the tenant will be completely responsible for the the rented house and all the furniture and gadgets being there. In case of damages, you will have to pay for the whole value of the item to be replaced. This import will have to be paid for right away to the host or to Sunseahouse as property manager. In case of failure to notify the damages caused to the property Sunseahouse will be authorized to use the deposit amount.

In case of outer damages or incivism with the neigbhours, Sunseahouse will be authorized to cancel the booking contract immediately without refunding the rent import. The tenant must respect the neighbours' rest at bedtime between 23:00 and 08:00.


Sunseahouse's responsibilities

In any circumstances Sunseahouse will be responsible for the damages and/or expenses caused by the tenant. Sunseahouse will not be responsible for loss, theft, damages or injuries of any kind caused by the house tenants and accounted for by Sunseahouse. Sunseahouse is not responsible for the inconvenience due to noise on the neighbourhood during stay. Besides, Sunseahouse is not responsible for irreproachable mistakes on the house description appearing on the web page.



Not all sport facilities, swimming pools, playground areas, restaurants, night establishments, and so on, are open the whole day or during all year long. Sunseahouse is not responsible for the deeds of disinterested party that, for any reason, are not bound to them during their stay.


Arrival and departure

Upon arrival, you shall arrive to the house or meeting point between 16:00 and 21:00PM. One of our representatives will handle with you the check-in procedure. If you are not able to make it within the established schedule mentioned before, you should get in touch with us in advance to set the arrival time. To verify your booking, you should show us a copy of your contract with Sunseahouse and and identification card or passport from the person who signed the contract. The time to leave should be before 10:00 AM. If you leave the house later without explicit permission from Sunseahouse, we are authorized to hold back a maximum of 100 euros for every extra hour from the deposit amount.